Gastric Problem

Depression Anxiety

Body Detoxification


Gastric problems refer to diseases of organs that are a part of digestive system including the stomach, intestine, oesophagus, rectum, etc. Know More

Depression and Anxiety are often observed to co-exist. Too much mental stress is a trigger that can result in mental disturbances leading to Depression or Anxiety. KnowMore

Body Detoxification is an ayurvedic process which is recommended by our ayurvedic panchkarma specalist doctor. It is a process which includes different types of therapies. Know More

The immune system is body’s defensive mechanism that fights against infections. Immune system is made up of special cells, and organs that are present throughout the body. Know More

Mental Health

Weight Loss


Eye Treatment

Mental health includes our emotional, behaviour and social well-being. To have a good physical health it is very important that one has normal and healthy mind. Read More

As we grow older, it becomes even more challenging to manage your weight or lose that excess fat through a diet and exercise plan. Many of us may still choose to ignore the excessive weight. Read More
Paralysis is loss of muscle function for one or more muscles. Paralysis can be accompanied by a loss of feeling (sensory loss) in the affected area if there is sensory damage as well as motor. Read More
Can you imagine your life without vision? We use our eyes practically every moment while we are awake, and so we need to give attention to eye health. Read More

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