Vamana is a Sanskrit word that means “vomiting” or “ejecting from the mouth.” In the traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda, is one of the toxin-eliminating treatments that together are referred to as panchakarma. Vamana is used to treat asthma, allergies, nasal congestion, psoriasis, chronic indigestion, obesity and skin disorders, among others. Vamana is also the name of the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vaman starts with oral intake of medicated ghee in ascending doses for a period of 3 to 7 days and includes a full body Abhyangam massage. This continues for a few days and ends with therapeutic vomiting.Know More


Virechanam is a Sanskrit word that means “laxative” or “purging” and may refer to any substance used to induce purging. Virechana is one of the therapies used in ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. More specifically, it is one of the Panchakarma toxin-eliminating treatments.
Virechana is designed to balance pitta dosha and cleanse the blood. This dosha is believed to control metabolism, digestion and the body’s energy. In preparation for virechana, the person undergoes vamana treatment, then is put on a special diet.
There are two main types of virechana:
Virechana is designed to balance pitta dosha and cleanse the blood. This dosha is believed to control metabolism, digestion and the body’s energy. In preparation for virechana, the person undergoes vamana treatment, then is put on a special diet. Know More


Nasyam is very effective Ayurveda remedy and it ensures relaxation for head related problems especially for many type of headaches. The illness in the head region would get much relax after Nasyam. Nostrills are the entry point of Nasyam treatment and it’s the door way to brain where Nasyam treatment applies.Nasyam is a very important treatment especially for the illness in the head region.Through the nostrils the medicated oil and powder are applies and this process is called Nasyam. Know More

Sneha Basti

Sneha vasti or medicated enema is the most effective panchkarma therapy which is performed only on prescription by an ayurvedic physician in conditions of vata predominance. It is performed to flush the loosened doshas out through the intestinal tract. Its effectiveness is unmatched as medicines directly reach the bowel without enzymatic actions. That is why it is performed with many other therapies too and is considered “half the treatment”, for many types of diseases. Know More

Kashaya Basti

Kashaya basti in the term used for urinary bladder of certain animals that was used in ancient time to administer medicated oil, decoction etc through rectum, vagina and urethra to cure diseases of abdomen and reproductive system. As the technology has grown the basti is now replaced with a thin tube called catheter. Through this instrument various medicine is inserted to pacify the aggravated doshas. As in ayurveda the root cause of all diseases is imbalance of the three doshas i.e vata, pitta, kapha hence it is necessary to balance them. Kashaya Basti treatment cures almost all the diseases mentioned in ayurvedic medicine hence no wonder it is called ardhchikitsa. It has an important part in panchakarma.
Kashaya basti means the medicine used is astringent/kashaya( slightly acidic or bitter in taste or smell) in nature. Medicine administered is in the form of medicated kada (decoction). Know More

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